WISP Platform is a plug and play system with four building blocks:

  1. WISP-SE Sensor & Electronics
  2. WISP-CT Control & Transmission
  3. WISP-CL Cloud data & Analytics
  4. WISP-UI Visualization & Dashboard

The WISP platform has sensors distributed across the plumbing system. Sensor data is transmitted wirelessly to a control gateway and reaches the cloud server via a cellular network. Data is analyzed in the cloud. Results are viewable on mobile or web. Customers can view the data as it is collected and compare with past use. The system will alert users about potential leaks. Patent pending SMART analytics makes WISP more advanced than simply tracking water usage.

WISP Platform Key features

  • End-to-end integrated solution (PATENT PENDING)
  • Self-calibrating sensors that are battery powered (PATENT PENDING)
  • Deep analytics for water use, loss and quality conclusions (PATENT PENDING)
  • Seamless data gathering and transmission to central server
  • Clear and easy to understand user interfaces and dashboards


SENSCO’s WISP-SE can integrate any sensor (pressure, temperature, vibration, flow, moisture, water quality etc.). It is easy to deploy and integrate into data acquisition, transmission and management systems. WISP-SE integrates sensor(s), sensor control, microcontroller, wireless transmission, power management and power source in a 20x20x10mm, package making it easy to be placed in any location. With a battery life of 8-15 years, it does not need any power source outlets. For most applications, WISP-SE can be mounted externally.

WISP-SE Key features

  • Small size (PATENT PENDING)
  • External mount (PATENT PENDING)
  • Long battery life
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Reduced installation and operational costs


SENSCO’s Control and Transmission Hardware & Software (WISP-CT) addresses all known issues with Wireless Sensor Networks and delivers a robust IoT sensor network for the water systems in homes, apartments, commercial buildings, farms, industrial facilities and utility infrastructure. WISP-CT incorporates error correction codes to improve spectral efficiency and reliability. WISP-CT uses sub-GHz RF to maximize the wireless transmission. The gateway connects to the cloud server over 3G/LTE wireless. WISP-CT does pre-processing of the data, so the data bandwidth required on the backend is minimized.

WISP-CT Key features

  • Data pre-processing to reduce transmission bandwidth (PATENT PENDING)
  • Robust and reliable sensor mesh network
  • Sub-GHz wireless for long range and able to penetrate buildings walls
  • Low cost, all weather data transmission on cellular network
  • Error correction algorithms for data reliability and security built in (PATENT


SENSCO Stream Processing (WISP-CL) standardizes data as it arrives, applying simple transformations and rules to determine if further down¬stream processing needs to occur. If not, the data is quickly discarded, saving bandwidth. WISP-CL uses temporal analysis to understand where rate and momentum of change matters. WISP-CL can detect sudden surges of activity that can be clues to potential leaks. Unlike traditional computing models – which are designed to summarize historical data –WISP-CL analyzes data as it is changing revealing what’s happening now, not just what happened in the past, generating immediate action alerts. WISP-CL can predict what will happen next and determine network and cost optimizations.

WISP-CL Key features

  • Pinpoint complex patterns to detect leaks/wastage (PATENT PENDING)
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Real-time predictive and optimized operations
  • Rules for data quality pattern detection, sensor data cleansing and validation         (PATENT PENDING)


SENSCO User Dashboard and Interface (WISP-UI) allows consumers to easily visualize their water usage patterns and make intelligent and informed decisions and take actions. Consumer visibility into water use changes behavior. People go from not caring, to becoming much more conscious that it costs money every time you turn a tap on. SENSCO in partnership with Pecan Street has developed WISP-UI that consumers can use to drill own into specifics and observe at individual appliance or faucet level. This enables them to see anomalous behavior and predict / prevent / manage leaks before they become destructive and expensive to fix.

WISP-UI Key features

  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • Mobile and Web based
  • Can drill down deeper and deeper
  • Predict/Prevent Leaks and Manage Water Usage